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Track & Field

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

We recently introduced an Event Dome in SocioTown. One of the weekly events in the dome is Track & Field. Throughout the day, players can compete in a series of races. In every race, players will accumulate points based on their placement. Then the top 3 players at the end of the day receive a prize.

And they’re off!

Everyone is resting up between races.

Drinking a glass of lemonade to recover some energy.

Track & Field has definitely been one of the more popular events.

Bug Catching

Friday, August 15th, 2008

One of the features we added in SocioTown in the last few months is bug catching. Different types of bugs spawn randomly throughout the town.

Players earn their net after completing a certain number of missions.

Players can then trade their bugs to NPCs for SoBucks!

- Chris Evans

Many Changes…

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Sorry I haven’t updated the development blog in awhile. There’s actually been a TON of new additions to SocioTown over the past 4 months. However, I’ve been posting the info directly to our forums:

Our forums have become very active over the past few months! Make sure to stop by there for the latest info and to converse with other SocioTown players.

That said, over the next week I’ll be posting about one of the significant features that was added in the past few months. Hopefully in a couple of weeks this blog will be up to speed!

- Chris

Street Boxing

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Street Boxing is one of the gameplay modes we’ve been keeping under wraps. Here are a couple of teaser screen shots:

All you need to street box is a pair of boxing gloves, which you can get at the local shops in SocioTown. Street Boxing is real-time fighting. How well you do is dependent on your fight strategy as well as your player attributes such as Speed, Strength, and Endurance.

You can improve your player attributes by training, eating, and lifting weights.

- Chris Evans

The Beta Test Begins…

Friday, March 7th, 2008

The 8th has just about arrived and we are beginning the beta test finally! This is how it’s working:

Right now there’s already a small special forces group checking out the game on the production server. Once they give it the okay, we’ll be contacting about ~100 beta testers on Saturday night/Sunday. Assuming the game doesn’t blow up in flames, we’ll contact another ~250 beta testers on Monday. If all still goes well, we’ll contact an additional ~1000-1500 beta testers throughout the rest of the week.

So if you don’t receive an e-mail this weekend, wait until about the end of next week before you send me hate mail. We have received close to 4,000 beta test signup requests, which is fantastic considering we’ve done very limited marketing thus far. Out of that 4,000, we’ll probably contact half over the next week.

Also, if I find the time this weekend (which will be tough) I’ll post some screen shots of Street Boxing. Street Boxing is one of the gameplay features we’ve kept under wraps. Yes, it means there’s actual PvP play in SocioTown. Like I said I’ll try to get some screen shots and info posted this weekend.

Hope to see you in SocioTown!

- Chris Evans

3/17/08 UPDATE: We are about 5 days behind schedule, so if you haven’t received an e-mail yet don’t worry! We haven’t contacted the majority of people yet. Again, check your emails this week. Sorry to keep you all waiting! But we want to make sure all the major kinks are taken care of before you guys get your hands on it.

New Interview Posted

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

I just did an interview with Virtual Worlds News. I reveal a little about some of the gameplay elements in SocioTown. You can check it out here:

Interview With Virtual Worlds News

- Chris Evans

San Diego Fires…

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Outside the Box Software is located in San Diego county. With the recent wildfires, development has been put on hold for a few days, so we can prepare for possible evacuation.

Development should resume at the end of this week. However this means the testing schedule will be pushed back by several days.

Those in San Diego and others in Southern California who are affected by the wildfires, stay safe!

- Chris Evans

Why the Asterisks?

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

You may be reading this because you’ve seen a few asterisks littered on various dev entries. If not yet, you will see them…

I’ll always put an asterisk next to a word that’s basically a qualifier for what I’m about to say. Meaning, there will be times when I make forward leaning statements such as, “we’re aiming to have 22 city blocks” or “we’re looking to have aerial vehicle transportation”. When you see an asterisk it means the feature I’m talking about is either not developed yet, in-development, or not finalized. Sometimes having aerial vehicles sounds good on paper but in an actual game situation ends up being crap. So sometimes features I mention on this Dev Diary may mysteriously disappear from the final product.

 It’s actually this scenario that’s made me hesitant to be open with my development progress in the past. But now I think the benefits of having a public dev diary outweigh the cons and as long as I’m upfront with the changing status of certain features I think we’ll all be okay and expectations won’t get too out of hand.  Also it may give me an indication what features you guys are most excited about and I may not drop a feature simply because of time-constraints if it will work well with the game and it’s something you guys really want. I really want to get your guy’s input.

What that said, keep in mind I can’t implement all the ideas you suggest. Heck, I usually can barely implement just a fraction of my own ideas. It’s a small outfit I’m running here, so I’ll only able to do so much.  I’m looking forward to your feedback and I’ll try to do my part and keep expectations measured.

 Think of the asterisks as a potential “BS” alert… Wait, should I say that?



-Chris Evans

The Doors are now Open

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

In the past I’ve been reluctant to divulge details of my games in development. Primarily because I didn’t want to promise or talk up features, only to end up yanking them from the game which could leave a lot of people disappointed who wouldn’t have been otherwise. Secondly, I’m a small little developer so I was worried that if I posted some working concepts that were innovative, a bigger company with more money and resources could copy it and beat me to the market.

In regards to my first worry, I’m going to make careful attempts to primarily discuss features that I’m currently working on or have completed and not make too many forward looking statements. As for my second concern, only games which are in mid-alpha will get a dev diary section. I’ll also only create a dev diary for a game if I feel I’ll be going into beta within the next 6 months. Not only will this give some protection from being scooped by the big boys but also the dev diaries will be more interesting for you the reader if the game is in active development and making progress. Also I do public or semi-public beta tests with all my games, so if you’re following along you’ll have a great chance being one of the first people to play the games.

Another reason I wanted to open my doors is that this site gets very quiet between game releases. For about 4-6 months at a time it can get really quiet around here. I started a mailbag section earlier this year, but I felt I needed to do something more to keep things active. I’m going to be pushing to have weekly content over the next few months. These dev diaries will be just one part of it.

Anyway, I also look forward to reading your guy’s comments and feedback on our upcoming games!