The Beta Test Begins…

The 8th has just about arrived and we are beginning the beta test finally! This is how it’s working:

Right now there’s already a small special forces group checking out the game on the production server. Once they give it the okay, we’ll be contacting about ~100 beta testers on Saturday night/Sunday. Assuming the game doesn’t blow up in flames, we’ll contact another ~250 beta testers on Monday. If all still goes well, we’ll contact an additional ~1000-1500 beta testers throughout the rest of the week.

So if you don’t receive an e-mail this weekend, wait until about the end of next week before you send me hate mail. We have received close to 4,000 beta test signup requests, which is fantastic considering we’ve done very limited marketing thus far. Out of that 4,000, we’ll probably contact half over the next week.

Also, if I find the time this weekend (which will be tough) I’ll post some screen shots of Street Boxing. Street Boxing is one of the gameplay features we’ve kept under wraps. Yes, it means there’s actual PvP play in SocioTown. Like I said I’ll try to get some screen shots and info posted this weekend.

Hope to see you in SocioTown!

- Chris Evans

3/17/08 UPDATE: We are about 5 days behind schedule, so if you haven’t received an e-mail yet don’t worry! We haven’t contacted the majority of people yet. Again, check your emails this week. Sorry to keep you all waiting! But we want to make sure all the major kinks are taken care of before you guys get your hands on it.

5 Responses to “The Beta Test Begins…”

  1. Sally Says:

    what’s street boxing?

  2. sophie O'neill Says:

    chris evens well Im not getting an email about socio town
    I’m dying to play it please hurry up anyway I found this game called
    gaia but It won’t let me play so I’m sticking with socio town please I
    really want to play it I want to make my charcter because I’ts now sunday
    march,2008 16th Im really exited though see you….. peoples of the world
    in socio town!

  3. Yougimble Says:

    Hey I thought I read somewhere that this game might cost something to play, and i was wondering if you had an update on that? And if it does do you know how much and the methods of paying or did I read something wrong?

  4. Annie Ok : tangent » SocioTown: The Beta Test Begins… Says:

    […] […]

  5. vince Says:

    I would like to create a plugin for my social networking website (and platform for the rest of NING site owners) around 200,000 networks.

    Any chance, once you get things going, that you will allow me to create an auto-register system? and auto login system? It would be awesome if you guys developed some kind of API for this purpose.

    Thanks! Keep up the good work. I cant wait.

    Vince Edwards

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