Official Trailer Released!

We’ve just released the the official trailer today. Today is the first official public announcement for SocioTown! You can view the video on the official site here:

Also, the official site itself has gotten a large update. A bunch of new screen shots have been posted and we’ve created a new section that goes over all the new features:

Those who signed up as Alpha testers should be contacted shortly if you haven’t already. The first beta test should get started sometime next month.

In the meantime, enjoy all the new footage and information!

- Chris Evans

3 Responses to “Official Trailer Released!”

  1. Sila Kayo Says:

    Great job!
    I am 100% sure that this game is going to be a HUGE success!!!

  2. Atomic1fire Says:

    so what do you call sidewalks?

  3. Chris Evans Says:

    Nice. :)

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