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Public Testing Pushed Back

Monday, August 27th, 2007

I know many of you are anxious to check out the game, but I’ve decided to push the public testing back by about 2 months.

Originally I had planned to have a small group of public Alpha testers to check out and test the basic functionality. The more advanced features would be tested at a later date. However the game is progressing faster than expected, so I’ve decided to wait a couple of months so that the first public testing has some of the advanced features already implemented.

So far we’ve kept SocioTown pretty low-key, but I’m sure some will be disappointed. Though in the end it’s definitely for the best and when you early testers finally get your hands on it, the game will be much more complete and enjoyable.

We should be posting another video clip in the first week of September.

Video Clip of Shop Walkthru

Friday, August 10th, 2007


Sorry for missing a couple of Friday updates. Here finally is the video clip of the shop walkthru.

The description of the video cut/pasted from the official site:

Description: This video gives a glimpse of the shops in SocioTown as well as demonstrates how players can change clothes just about anywhere.The video also contains some night-time footage.

As for the shops, they are run by NPCs(Non-Player Characters). Every shop has a NPC store manager and depending on the size of the shop there may be several NPC store clerks. While they are responsible for selling items to players, players can also have conversations with the store clerks about random events and situations in SocioTown. Each store manager and clerk have a distinct personality.