Video Clip of Apartment Walkthru

Here’s the first video clip from SocioTown:
Video Clip of Apartment Walkthru(22MB)

It’s basically just a walkthru of one of the apartments, but hopefully it will give you a little idea of the look and feel of SocioTown. Since we’re getting close to the limited public testing (middle of August), I’m going to try to post at least 2-3 video clips between now and then.

The next clip will probably demonstrate using and buying various items in SocioTown. Then the following clip will show the actual social system in action. Finally, hopefully I can do a quick clip of one of the sub-games (they’re not simple little Mini-games, so I call them sub-games) depending if they’re far enough along. *crosses fingers*

Also, every Friday I’ll be revealing a little information about SocioTown. So make sure you start checking back regularly. Hope you enjoy the video clip!

- Chris Evans

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