Why the Asterisks?

You may be reading this because you’ve seen a few asterisks littered on various dev entries. If not yet, you will see them…

I’ll always put an asterisk next to a word that’s basically a qualifier for what I’m about to say. Meaning, there will be times when I make forward leaning statements such as, “we’re aiming to have 22 city blocks” or “we’re looking to have aerial vehicle transportation”. When you see an asterisk it means the feature I’m talking about is either not developed yet, in-development, or not finalized. Sometimes having aerial vehicles sounds good on paper but in an actual game situation ends up being crap. So sometimes features I mention on this Dev Diary may mysteriously disappear from the final product.

 It’s actually this scenario that’s made me hesitant to be open with my development progress in the past. But now I think the benefits of having a public dev diary outweigh the cons and as long as I’m upfront with the changing status of certain features I think we’ll all be okay and expectations won’t get too out of hand.  Also it may give me an indication what features you guys are most excited about and I may not drop a feature simply because of time-constraints if it will work well with the game and it’s something you guys really want. I really want to get your guy’s input.

What that said, keep in mind I can’t implement all the ideas you suggest. Heck, I usually can barely implement just a fraction of my own ideas. It’s a small outfit I’m running here, so I’ll only able to do so much.  I’m looking forward to your feedback and I’ll try to do my part and keep expectations measured.

 Think of the asterisks as a potential “BS” alert… Wait, should I say that?



-Chris Evans

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