BlockHeads Clash

Gather up to 4 friends or play solo in this head smashing action filled arcade game. Bust heads in 12 stages over 3 unique worlds.

Pow Pow's Mini-Golf Online Web Game

More Info:

Venture to a strange place inside cartoon labyrinths where the only weapon is your head - literally. Using your foursquare noggin, you can send foes tumbling or even break the very ground beneath them. But you must be wary of the labyrinth's deadly hazards and obstacles. There's also enemies whose right-angled noggins are bigger and deadlier than yours. It's the place where BlockHeads Clash.

BlockHeads Clash features multiplayer co-op play and battle modes. Gather your friends and family around the keyboard and have hours of head smashing fun. Take control of a BlockHead and run full speed at your enemies, friends, and inanimate objects. No helmet required!


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